Acupuncture Clinic Juneau

Acupuncture Clinic Juneau

Acupuncture Clinic Juneau - Since the maintenance of the central nervous system is very important to an individual's wellbeing and health, chiropractors spend much of their energy concentrating on the spine as it protects the nervous system and spinal column.

Making up the central nervous system is the spinal column and the brain. These communicate information through biological signals to the rest of the body. All of the physiological processes which help sustain life depend on the communication and health of the body and the brain. Chiropractors focus on the spine as it is so vital to the network of communications, not just because the spinal column is included in back and neck pain.

The nerves and nerve cells which are outside the central nervous system are referred to as the peripheral nervous system. It is the responsibility of the peripheral nervous system to send the information to and from the spinal cord, the body and the brain. This particular system maintains and controls the body's biological functions, such as body temperature and digestion. This system maintains and restores the body's energy as long as it has proper input from the peripheral nervous system. Without it, the body would not know to send blood to the digestive tract when food enters the digestive system. It would not be able to maintain breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and many other bodily functions.

The peripheral nerves are not protected by bone in the way that the central nervous system is protected by vertebrae. Thus, peripheral nerves are susceptible to interference and injury from irritation or pressure as they exit the spinal cord through small openings in the vertebra called foramen. Neuropathy means changes in the pathology of the nerves when the nerve roots are exposed to interference from the vertebrae themselves or from surrounding tissues, muscles, and ligaments.

Damage to the surrounding tissues spinal misalignments could cause the health of the spinal cord to be compromised. This may likewise limit the proper performance of the body. The chiropractor, making use of special tools or with their hands can correct these misalignment. Chiropractors are trained to gently correct the position of the vertebrae of the spine, reducing or eliminating neuropathy. That is how chiropractic treatment helps enhance the overall wellbeing of the body.

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Acupuncture Clinic Juneau

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