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Juneau Acupuncture - Decompression therapy is a way to be able to relieve pain to the lower back and neck without using invasive treatments like for example a surgical procedure. This kind of rehabilitation therapy, likewise known as spinal decompression therapy, is considered to be really safe. Decompression therapy works by slowly and gently stretching the spinal area while decompressing the discs, allowing a vacuum effect to happen inside the discs. Spinal decompression therapy is mainly used to treat people with disc injuries in the lower back and neck.

How does decompression therapy work? Water, nutrient-rich fluids, and oxygen are circulated from the outside to the inside of the discs. This process promotes healing. Drinking a lot of water enhances the healing process by rehydrating the discs.

In decompression therapy; the types of pressure could reposition the retraction of herniated or bulging disc to inside of the disc. This would help to alleviate pain by relieving pressure from the nerve root. The therapy sessions typically take place over a period of four to six weeks with every therapy session progressing in very small steps. By the end of the rehabilitation program the individual will often see a significant improvement.

Patients who are ideal candidates for decompression therapy usually experience pain in different parts of the body, such as the back, legs, arms, or neck. Herniated discs or a degenerative disc disease can cause an individual to experience numbness, tingling or sciatica. Patients are screened, and just the best candidates are chosen for this type of therapy. Some individuals are not considered good candidates for decompression therapy, such as individuals who have metal implants in the spine, fractures, tumors, abdominal aortic aneurysm or advanced osteoporosis. Women who are pregnant are not considered good candidates for decompression therapy.

Therapy sessions for decompression would usually involve the person lying on a computer-controlled table, either face up or face down. The doctor operates the table, with each of the sessions lasts from 20-45 minutes. The specifics of the treatment will depend on the person's injury and the severity of the injury. All machinery must be approved by the country's health regulatory body.

Costs would differ depending on the severity of the injury and decompression therapy is not always covered by insurance. During consultation with your physician, methods of payment and costs of treatment should be discussed.

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