Physiotherapy in Juneau

Physiotherapy in Juneau

Physiotherapy in Juneau - Non-surgical spinal decompression is a method of easing chronic back pain. The theory behind spinal disc decompression is that damages to the spinal disc lead to compression of the nerves in the spinal column causing inflammation and pain. Disc injuries consist of spinal stenosis, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, protruding discs and bulging discs. Non-surgical spinal decompression is a therapy which lessens the internal disc pressure. This helps the disc return to a healthy condition. By creating a space between the vertebrae, decompression allows fluid, nutrients and oxygen to enter the section and help it heal.

There are different kinds of spinal decompression, such as vertebral axial decompression and traction. Articulating spinal decompression is another type of method, that includes kinetic decompression mobilization and range-of-motion decompression. Decompression is performed using particular equipment which have various claims to success.

The original way of non-surgical spinal decompression is traction, which decompresses the vertebrae with a steady linear pulling force. Traction can be accomplished by hanging upside down. This method utilizes effects of gravity in order to pull the vertebrae. Though traction can provide temporary pain relief, over time traction can cause the body to contract or constrict, that truly increases disc pressure.

The non-surgical spinal decompression methods alternate between relaxation and decompression in order to prevent the constriction associated with traction. Relaxation periods would prevent the body from going into a defensive posture and constricting from the traction. The easiest type is the vertebral axial decompression that stretches the back while the person is lying on a special movable table. The top part of the table is stationary, and the bottom part swings down or forward to create a stretching motion of the lower back.

With vertebral axial decompression and traction the physician cannot isolate the vertebrae being affected by the therapy. Nonetheless, articulating spinal elongation and articulating spinal decompression do allow a more specific focus in view of the fact that the spinal decompression is performed on special computerized equipment which can rotate the spine and move it side to side, forward and backward.

Range-of-motion decompression is when the patient is put into various postures all through a mild traction condition. The decompression focuses on problem parts where the spine's range of movement is extremely limited and increases the pain-free range of motion of the spine. Kinetic decompression mobilization is a more intense form of range-of-motion decompression that goes beyond simple flexibility by concentrating on parts of the spine which cannot be reached by range-of-motion therapy or standard traction.

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Physiotherapy in Juneau

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