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Juneau Chiropractor - Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is a system of analyzing and adjusting the spine and body which facilitates the recovery of the body from distortions and injuries, causing total health and wellbeing.

In a spine that is partly stuck in a forward position, improper tension or fixation of the meninges causes a misaligned vertebra to become locked out of position. ABC can help adjust the body by releasing any tension that has built up in the meninges, the elastic, tough coverings of the brain and spinal cord that protect the spinal cord and brain and act as an elastic stabilizer (like a big rubber band). The meningeal system runs from the tailbone to the head to help hold the spinal column together. Before the vertebrae could be easily adjusted, the meningeal system should be dealt with so that the entire spine, ribcage, shoulders, pelvis, legs, skull and feet work together as one unit.

The ABC system is based on the idea that adjusting those vertebrae and other bones which the body cannot reposition or retrieve on its own is the main concern. Within the spine, just those vertebrae which have become stuck in anterior, or a forward, position must be adjusted since the body has no means of pulling them backward. There are no muscles below the neck which pull vertebrae backward (because the muscles pull forward).

The ABC protocol lets the spinal column begin to uncoil and unwind, somewhat similar to a big spring. After that it can correct itself, even if the injury is many years old. The ABC protocol also lessens pressure on the spinal cord and brainstem caused by the forward spinal tension. For the first time in what may be a lot of years, tense nervous tissue is allowed to relax, restoring normal nerve flow.

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