Acupuncture Juneau

Acupuncture Juneau

Acupuncture Juneau - Laser acupuncture is a new method of acupuncture making use of low-energy laser beams rather than needles. The laser beams influence the current of energy at the acupuncture points. As an alternative kind of medicine based on traditional Chinese medicine, laser acupuncture is very useful at treating tennis elbow, chronic headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis at the joints, and other painful conditions.

The practitioners who use laser acupuncture must attain in-depth knowledge of the functioning of various acupuncture points. Laser acupuncture is mostly used for two reasons: anesthetic reasons and the stimulation of acupuncture points as part of a therapeutic program.

Laser acupuncture works by aiming a beam of light from a laser tube onto an acupuncture point. This procedure heats up the acupuncture point and provides stimulation in the same way that an acupuncture needle does. During the laser acupuncture procedure there is a visible red laser beam which radiates from helium and neon gases. The acupuncturist will hold the beam steadily on an acupuncture point for at least ten seconds and as much as two minutes, depending on the amount of tissue which must be penetrated. The acupuncturist will determine how much power needs to be used on a point. Invisible infrared lasers can also be used in laser acupuncture.

For the people who are not keen on needles, laser acupuncture may be preferred over traditional acupuncture. This new procedure has several benefits over the needle technique. Lasers are a less invasive, aseptic method, leading to considerably reduced pain and recovery time compared to invasive treatments. Laser treatment produces less patient trauma in individuals who dislike needles, and is the preferred alternative for treating conditions where there might be risk of spreading infection. Laser acupuncturists could usually treat the same kinds of complaints as needle acupuncturists.

Laser acupuncture is somewhat limited in its effectiveness in treating conditions which required deeper penetration. Laser acupuncture is limited to peripheral points, like for instance the acupressure points on ears, hands and feet. Nearly all of the laser beams cannot penetrate deeper than 5 mm, and thus deep abdominal points do not commonly benefit from laser treatment.

Several acupuncture clinics have invested in new laser systems that can mainly be controlled and monitored remotely. Utilizing the World Wide Web, the intelligent laser acupuncture system employs software which can recognize the meridian points and monitor the laser beam.

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Acupuncture Juneau

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