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Juneau Therapist - The method utilized by chiropractors to regularize the connection between the sacrum and the top of the spine is known as the SOT method. SOT means Sacro Occipital Technique (or Technic). "Sacro" relates to the sacrum, the base of the backbone, popularly called the tail bone. "Occipital" refers to the occiput, or back of the head. Technique (or Technic) refers to "the way to get the task completed, scientifically, and in a short period of time."

Dr. DeJarnette performed lots of clinical investigations into chiropractic procedures, even running experiments on himself first so that he knew the results first hand. Through various repeated, peer-reviewed tests, DeJarnette determined that spinal misalignments (referred to as subluxations) can be corrected effectively. Spinal subluxation is defined as a disorder of the spinal, pelvic, or cranial bones, that interferes with the fluctuation, absorption and secretion of cerebro spinal fluid. He observed that sometimes the correction of the spinal subluxation was insufficient and so he devised manipulation methods so as to help regularize organ function. SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique) is a series of efficient clinical methods that handle the vital role of cranial function. The cranial bones as well as various cranial structures could have an effect on sickness and health through the nervous system.

A healthy cranial sacral respiratory mechanism is a fundamental function of life in the body. The cranial sacral respiratory mechanism is a subtle oscillation in the covering of the spinal cord and brain. This wavelike movement is important for the normal performance of the spine and brain. It should be normal for the rest of the nervous system to work right. The oscillation tightens and loosens like breathing. SOT concentrates mainly on the cranial sacral respiratory mechanism.

The normal cranial sacral respiratory action which is used in SOT could be assisted with normal breathing of air. Like several chiropractic techniques, the SOT method could correct spinal misalignments and the connected nerve conditions which lead to dizziness, headaches, pain in arms and legs and back pains. An SOT practitioner can use Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Techniques to help regularize organ function. This is helpful in the treatment of various conditions like high blood pressure, urinary problems, female reproductive dysfunction, digestive problems, et cetera. An SOT practitioner can cure conditions that show in symptoms affecting the head, such as vision problems, vertigo, TMJ, headaches, ear infections, and that.

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