Hot Stone Massage Juneau

Hot Stone Massage Juneau

Hot Stone Massage Juneau - Hot stone massage is similar in movements to classic Swedish massage, but utilizes hot rocks to be able to relax the muscles enabling a deeper massage applying less direct pressure. Hot stone massage is somewhat new. It was developed in the U.S. in the early 1990s by Mary Hannigan, a massage therapist from Arizona.

Swedish massage consists of using very long strokes, with pressure deeply used. Hot stone massage even uses long strokes; the difference is that the therapist makes use of specially heated rocks rather than their bare hands. The rocks transfer heat to the individual's body, helping with relaxation and overall circulation.

Often, there is a certain kind of rock, namely, soft basalt river rocks in hot stone massage. These rocks are heated to around 50 and 65 Celsius. The rocks may range from really small pebbles to bigger, heavier rocks. The practitioner may lay the rocks on the person's body, allowing the heat to penetrate, and the pressure to be direct and sustained. Rocks could be placed along the spinal column and on the palms of the hands. At other times through the therapy session, the therapist may utilize the rocks actively to be able to massage the muscles, trading them for hotter rocks as they cool down.

In situations where there are severely inflamed muscles, hot stone massage could likewise include cold stones. Marble is great a retaining cold temperatures. Cold and hot stones are really effective together so as to stimulate the flow of lymph throughout the body. The hot stones stimulate the blood vessels to expand and move the blood along, while the cold stones make them contract, helping to draw the blood. The alternating hot and cold activates the immune system.

Hot stone massage can have similar effect on the muscles as the deep work of a traditional Swedish massage, but without the strong pressure. Some individuals prefer the lighter touch of hot stone massage as it is extremely soothing. Skilled hot stone massage therapists do not have to apply much pressure to be able to give a great massage.

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Hot Stone Massage Juneau

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