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Juneau Chiropractic - The chiropractic technique known as Network chiropractic could likewise be referred to as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). Network chiropractic focuses around the concept that the spine uses channels of energy to connect individual consciousness to planetary consciousness. Network chiropractic is a healing art created by Dr. Donald Epstein. The goal is to gently adjust tension in the spinal column.

Network chiropractic was first developed by Donald Epstein to conventional chiropractic methods of spinal column adjustment. What was discovered by Dr. Epstein is that if certain parts of the spinal column are adjusted before others, the spinal column would be able to self-correct in response to the prior adjustment. He found that network chiropractic helps reduce patient stress, both mentally and physically, because the technique normally needs gentler manipulation and less thrust than conventional chiropractic techniques. Network chiropractic focuses on the order of adjustments. The objective of network chiropractic is to prevent or reduce twisting of the spine by utilizing minimum force in order to generate optimum results.

When the nervous system is interfered with by the spinal cord, the tension leads to pain and general ill health. Individuals undergoing treatments using network chiropractic are encouraged to stay informed by learning and asking questions concerning their treatments. Network chiropractic doctors believe it is beneficial if the patient develops an understanding of the spine in relation to the rest of the body. Dr. Epstein and other chiropractic doctors using the NSA system found better results making use of network chiropractic as opposed to using traditional chiropractic techniques alone.

Network chiropractic methods are a holistic way of affecting the consciousness of the body. NSA chiropractic doctors believe that individual consciousness is improved when the connections between the brain and the spinal cord, and between the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system, are healthy. NSA addresses these connections through mild techniques of adjustment. The network chiropractic philosophy is one of whole body awareness and overall wellbeing.

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