Adhesion Breaking

Stainless steel tools that are utilized for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization are known as Adhesion Breakers. This particular system of healing has been relied on for centuries in ancient Chinese Medicine. It is a common method for improving muscle healing, as well as healing in the fascia, tendons and ligaments while being helpful for removing scar tissue.

Adhesion Breakers are used by practitioners to create localized friction and pressure where scar tissue and adhesions have formed. This is one of the numerous myofascial release techniques that therapists use. It guides the inflammatory process of healing in order to allow damaged tissue to be replaced with healthy, organized tissue.

Tissue scarring can result from a variety of reasons. For example, a single traumatic event such as a sports injury or whiplash can create tearing of the tissues to occur. As well, scar tissue formation may happen during the recovery process.

Repetitive stress injuries can end up causing scar tissue to develop. This may come about by unhealthy tissue tension over numerous repetitions; such as with golfing, running or typing. Often office workers experience chronic tension injuries. These can result in scar tissue formation in the neck and in the back. These may occur during times the body is put under low-grade, long-term stress. Scar tissue is not capable of being reabsorbed by the body without any treatment; regardless of how or why it appeared. Scar tissue eventually results in pain within the tissue, stress and reduced blood flow to the affected area.

Adhesion Breakers may be a solution if you are suffering from chronic pains and aches. They can help your body restart the healing it is capable of by breaking down scar tissue. Tissues can be redirected to form once they are aligned correctly. Amazingly, all soft tissues have the ability to regain their full endurance, strength and elasticity with the proper care. The good news is that you can get back to feeling healthy and more mobile. Book a consultation appointment to learn more about Adhesion Breakers and how they can benefit you.

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