Faith Swearingin - Office Assistant

As part of the front office staff, Faith is one of the first faces you will see when entering our establishment. She likes to smile, have a good time and make new friends while she's working with patients.

Faith started her younger years in Yuma Arizona before moving to Juneau Alaska. Born a desert baby, getting used to the extreme differences in climates took some time; but the people she met in Alaska throughout the years made it much easier. She continued her schooling until graduating from Thunder Mountain High School in 2020. Her favorite subjects in high school were drama and science. Drama classes allowed Faith to come out of her shell, a skill she uses every day with our patients. Science on the other hand, afforded her the opportunity to theorize and solve problems. While in high school she took an intro course to nursing that opened her eyes to the medical field as well as other career options. Faith continues to consider the medical field as a future career pathway.

Faith loves to spend time with friends and family, play video games, curl up to a great Disney movie, and travel. Some places she looks forward to visiting include Ireland, Greece, Japan, and her next trip to Disney.