Myofascial Release John F Barnes Approach

The John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach is a gentle and effective method that produces lasting results. John F. Barnes, a Physical Therapist has been able to train over 100,000 physicians and therapists. He is considered to be an authority on Myofascial Release and has lectured internationally on the subject. His approach has proven to be consistently effective. Mr. Barnes has earned the reputation of being an exceptional teacher and a visionary of the highest caliber.

Myofascial restrictions may be the result of inflammatory responses, trauma or surgical procedures. These restrictions can actually produce tensile pressures of approximately 2000 lbs. per square inch on pain sensitive structures. Many of these locations do not show up on regular tests such as CAT scans, x-rays, electromyography and myelograms.

The common medical solution is to drug patients in order to temporarily free them from pain. Unfortunately, this method does nothing to treat the cause. Occupational therapy, massage therapy and traditional therapy treats the symptoms caused by the pressure related to the “strait-jacket” of the Myofascial system. These modalities however, do not always help the pressure which perpetuates and causes the symptoms to occur.

This is one of the main reasons numerous patients only have temporary results that do not seem to resolve with traditional therapeutic means. Myofascial Release is beneficial since it treats the entire Myofascial mind/body complex. This method eliminates the pressure of the restricted Myofascial system which causes symptoms to occur.

When traditional therapy, surgery, medicine and massage therapy do not produce the desired results, patients visit from all corners of the globe to undergo Myofascial Release. This method can gently and safely release the complete Myofascial complex; facilitating healing to occur with comprehensive and lasting results.

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