Trager Massage

Milton Trager, M.D. developed the Trager Approach, also known as Trager Work. Beginning as a young man, Dr. Trager came up with the system and worked on developing it over the course of his lifetime. The system was developed as a way to treat his own chronic back pain for a congenital spinal deformity he had. Dr. Trager was amazed at how the body coordinated its movement patterns in response to injury or chronic pain.

The Trager Approach originates from the idea that reduced physical function, pain and discomfort, results from symptoms of tension accumulated in the body. This tension accumulates and presents as daily stress which can come from: fear, weak posture, emotional blockages, or accidents.

The Trager Approach aims at eliminating neuromuscular tension and reducing unnatural patterns of movements by using rhythmic, gentle rocking motions. It is possible to achieve a deep state of relaxation with these rhythmic movements. Therapists state that reaching this level of relaxation can enable the mind and body to enjoy an integrated and balanced state. Some say that this state is ideal in order to facilitate the healing process.

What Conditions is Trager Approach Used For?

The Trager Approach is an excellent choice for soft tissue and joint irritation or discomfort. It can successfully help with balance problems, flexibility and improving overall athletic performance. It has been used to facilitate rehabilitation from neurological situations such as a stroke and from physical injuries. As well, it can be useful for helping to alleviate stress-related disorders, tension headaches and emotional imbalances. The Trager Approach is mostly used to treat pain relief, postural issues and mobility problems.

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