Trigger Point Massage Therapy

One of the most commonly felt ailments in regards to the muscles of the human body are Trigger Point Pain. Since the pain the pain does not occur solely in one location and may lead to numbness, tingling and additional discomforts radiating in surrounding areas, this is considered one of the most painful kinds of discomforts.

In order to know if Trigger Point Therapy is required, it is vital to understand exactly what a trigger point is. These locations are also referred to as a muscle knot; an extremely tender spot in the body. Often, a trigger point is an isolated area inside a certain muscle group. This can cause excruciating pain in other areas of the body when stimulated. Tight bands of muscle fibers and viewable knots may make themselves apparent within trigger points.

Since these sites are often very tender, people enjoy the long-lasting benefits that Trigger Point Therapy has to offer. The benefits far outweigh the temporary pain that may occur as a result of treatment. It is important to take into consideration the fact that an untreated trigger point may likely cause future balance problems, spread pain and can affect overall posture. The lasting benefits of Trigger Point Therapy and its ability to restore circulation and reduce uncomfortable pain, make the process worthwhile.


Trigger Point Therapy is used to treat pain and manage discomfort that is identified with specific areas of the body. One of the main advantages of this kind of therapy is that it focuses on tight spots and helps to facilitate a release. This kind of massage therapy is helpful for treating chronic or acute pain that is permeating from a particular location.


Often the pain occurs in the hips, back or shoulders. Depending on where it is, the therapist will ask the client to lie down in such a manner that is comfortable and not aggravating other trigger points. The positioning will enable the therapist easy access to the area requiring work. Once the client is in position, the therapist will canvas the body in order to determine the exact location where the trigger point is situated.

The process of locating the trigger point can be uncomfortable for many, especially if they have numerous points. Once the trigger points are located, the therapist utilizes a variety of finger techniques with varying degrees of pressure around and on the trigger points in order to break down the build-up of the knot. The direct pressure applied to the tender trigger points can be uncomfortable for the patient. It may take several visits to the therapist in order to deactivate the entire trigger point if it is one of considerable size.

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