Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy focuses on every kind of athlete. It can be beneficial for weekend joggers to world-famous professionals. Sports massage techniques are delivered in a specific manner related to the particular sport involved. Areas of the body that become stressed or overused from repetitive or aggressive movements are the key targets of the massage.

Sports massage therapy is gaining a positive reputation for being a useful component within a balanced training regimen. For instance, sports massage therapy can be used to reduce recovery time during training or after an event. It can additionally be relied on as a way to enhance pre-event preparation for maximum performance. Athletes and trainers alike have discovered that certain kinds of sports massage reduce fatigue, promote flexibility, help prevent injury and improve endurance. Frequent massage prepares the mind and body for optimal performance while additionally preventing injuries.

The ability to target muscle-tendon junctions is one of the main benefits Sports massage therapy offers in comparison to other massage techniques. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2010 found that even a tiny thirty second massage helped to improve the range of motion in the hip-flexor. An additional study organized by Margaret Jones, Ph.D. from the American College of Sports Medicine, showed that athletes who received massage either prior or post exercise had notable decreased muscle soreness.

Sports massage therapy conducted every week or 2 weeks may be extremely beneficial for anyone participating in regular physical activity. Book your consultation appointment today in order to speak with a professional who can help determine your specific needs and facilitate a routine that is compatible with your activity level, budget as well as your schedule.

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