Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a specific method which focuses on the deeper layers of the soft tissues within the body. The goal of this kind of massage therapy is to release chronic tension patterns in the body. This is achieved by applying deep pressure and slow, rhythmic strokes on the areas that are contracted and sore.

This form of massage is both corrective and therapeutic. Deep Tissue Massage is applied in a systematic way. It should not cause any strain for the therapist or any excessive pain for the client. By understanding the pathology of the soft tissues in the body; the practitioner can precisely apply massage to the various layers of the body’s soft tissues in a knowledgeable way. Working deeply does not refer to supplying a harder massage with more effort.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

“Deep Tissue Massage Therapy” is a term commonly used by therapists in order to indicate that they can provide treatment with stronger pressure. It is used to differentiate between a relaxation massage; where you may be the recipient of having oil massaged into the skin without much deep tissue work.

Deep tissue massage works on all the soft tissue layers of the body. Additionally, it concentrates on the fascia, the structure that overlays these soft tissues. The fascia can eventually become stiff due to prolonged immobility or illness. This can lead to the fascia becoming stuck to adjacent structures or hardened in places; leading to impaired function, reduced mobility and pain.

Some of the massage techniques include using the forearms, knuckles, elbows and fists. Typically, the pace of a deep tissue massage is quite a bit slower compared to other massage work. This technique enables the therapist time to receive information from the patient’s tissues. By listening to the body, the therapist can assess the best way to assess the muscle contractions and tension discovered.

The practitioner can then apply sensitive and deliberate pressure in order to facilitate a lasting and comfortable release. The majority of practitioners will communicate throughout the session to be sure that the client stays comfortable with the degree of pressure being used.

Deep Tissue Massage is extremely beneficial for individuals who suffer from constant muscle pain; particularly in the muscles of the shoulders, lower back and around the neck. Often, these muscle strains stem from exercise and sports related injuries, postural problems, leisure activities such as gardening and mechanic related tasks. On-going tension and emotional stress can also be the root cause of numerous musculoskeletal issues.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits Include:

Much relief can be gained from deep tissue massage. For example, pain relief; increased suppleness and flexibility; pain management; quicker and more efficient recovery from surgery and injury; improved posture; and improved physical performance and mobility. Repetitive deep tissue massage can also break down adhesions and old scar tissue to facilitate healing. Tension and stiffness can be released from fascia, tendons, joints, tendons and muscles.

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